Amazon is a marketplace which contains many categories. At this point, we will continue to progress in the categories in which we are experts. Our experience tells us how to provide the best quality products for our customers.

Brand Relations

Brand Relations

We focus on the brands we work with as much as we focus on our customers. One of the most important goals is adding value to the brands we work with. Why is this so important for us? We believe that growing together is one of the most important part of an e-commerce attitude.


We know FBA is the most advanced system for Amazon but logistic has a deeper meaning. Locally and globally, this process can be the most difficult part of e-commerce. Froyc has agreement with some warehouses in US for FBA/FBM models.


Inventory Management

Inventory management involves tracking your production and sales to make sure your inventory always contains the products your customers want. For a sustainable business model, you have to do all the steps completely. That’s why the inventory control mechanism must be working 100% !

Customer Service

Customer is the boss! Unhappy customers means unsuccessfull business. In our Amazon Business, we know customer satisfaction(CSAT) is important but there is one thing that is more important from CSAT!! CUSTOMER HAPPINESS… The lifetime value of someone emotionally engaged with your brand is more than twice that of a highly satisfied customer. Customer happiness also helps to serve as a pulse check for your company. As we said; Customer is the boss.

Customer Service
Seo Optimization

Optimization (SEO)

Do you know that lots of global brands have no idea about Amazon A9 Algorithm? Yes, they know everything about retailing but Amazon!! Search Engine Optimization is the key of success. It’s not the same thing to find a good located and sparkling street like New York 5th Avenue and design a cool store!! Amazon Works totally totally different. Without knowing what is SEO, its not important how big you are…


Yes, there is no store there but there is your listing. Let’s expalain what is listing;

listing is the point that determines whether you will earn or lose money. Yes, customers come and look but you are the one who decides what the customer is looking at. Photos, videos, titles, bullet points, descriptions, A+ contents etc. All of them is critical for your e-commerce enterprise. Will you take that or no?

Amazon Listing
Advertising Management

Advertising Management

PPC is important, but that’s only a part of advertising. advertising, the techniques and practices used to bring products, services, opinions, or causes to public notice for the purpose of persuading the public to respond in a certain way toward what is advertised. We are not focusing only PPC, we focus on managing this process as a whole.

Amazon is more difficult
than traditional commerce !

You Need Time

You Need Focus

You Need Team

You Need Knowledge

You Need Money